Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New morphs again

Still did not resume my drawings (laziness don't allow me to do it), so I kept working on morphs. Here are some more I already posted on other places, but were missing in this blogspot:

Christina Model debut on Ahaden's World.

A very huge dildo stretching this brunette's ass.

Antoher welcome debut: Wendy Fiore.

If I keep my current intention, there will be more soon (at least still in this month). That's it for now!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

More morphs

Despite I did not make any morph in the last weeks, there was some of them that I still didn't have published in this blog. So here they are:

 First morph over a 3D model (original by Darkhound from DeviantArt). Very cute babe.

 Stunning redhead with boobs highly increased and taking a Photoshop bukkake. This gave me a lot of work, but in the end I got a bit proud of it.

 Delicious Hitomi Tanaka in a still more yummy version. More to come with her!

Monster dick preparing an equally monstrous cumshot...

Hope to resume these works and the Hyperbole drawings asap... For now that's it!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Exploring new lands

It's been awhile I have much interest on morphing works from various artists around the Web. The use of some Photoshop tools when I'm coloring my drawings gave me enough self-confidence to try morphing some pics by myself. Since then I was very addicted by this new way of making porn pics, and below there's the first results:

Denise Milani, widely morphed by many artists.

Lovely Ai Shinozaki. I'm sure I'll do another morphs of her.
Don't remember where I found this pic. Nice girl anyway.

Vixen Lamoore, like if she had very larger implants.
A hot blonde incredibly streched in the ass.

And more to come soon...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The world is more colored than we realize...

When things go fine, the world seems to be more colorful, isn't it? I was intending to make the Hyperbole world more colorful too, and after some requests I got encouraged to fight against my laziness again and start putting colors on some drawings. Before I color them I thought it was necessary to do some more corrections on the line art, so they will get a bit different (sometimes more than just "a bit") compared to the originals. What matters is that each pic shown on the "Hyperbole" post will be placed here in a full color version. 'Cause "this is not a black and white world", as sings Ed Kowalczyk in "The Beauty Of Gray" (really not... I forgot that the background of this blog is red, and this was my choice...). Nice song, by the way.
Ok... enjoy!

 Bia is the first to see colors around herself. (The one on the right is the second version, after some improvements)
For now it's being very pleasant to me to color these drawings. It's like I'm giving life to my babes!

Then I decided to try to put colors on Cida (I'm making this by alphabetical order, just for not to make a choice). She got hotter for me!

Here is the adjusted and colored version of Emi. Shit, I need to find a girl like her in the real world...
Update: At right there's another versions of this, with slight changes. 

 You can see that the drawings in the colored versions are always a bit different from the originals. Jessica, just like the others, got a few bigger.

Personally, I loved the corrected and colorized Kateryna. Not much more to say. At the right there's another version, with a different background color.

Joanna is one of my favorites, and maybe that's the reason I think her colored version could be a few better. If I have enough patience, I'll make another version of this drawing in the future.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello! Long time since the last post, I know... Whatever, you can see below the first pics of a series I started in 2011, approximately. It's called Hyperbole. And it won't be hard to understand why I gave this title. Ok, better not to lose more time... Meet some of the girls! I'm working on more characters and soon they will be available. Their partners will arrive later... Much hours of unforgettable fun are waiting for them all!

 This is Bia. Cute, young and busty brunette. Can't wait for the action....

 Here is Cida. A great example of the lascivious black beauty.

 Meet Emi. Seems innocent, huh? Don't be fooled...

Above is Jessica. Note this gorgeous blonde has other attributes to be explored...

 This is Joanna. A wonderful redhead. One of my favorites.

That's Kateryna. A sweet blonde teen with juicy melons. So much energy...

Now you see Yara. She is my dream girl. All the best things in just one woman.

That babe is Dira. A specially gifted native girl to be part of a special chapter of Hyperbole. Something like a bonus.

 This is just a cartoony draft of a new girl to be introduced on Hyperbole. Maybe I call her Eli. Definitive version soon.

Now the official version of the girl in the draft above. And now her name is Lia. A young and very busty mulatto.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drafts from 2009

Finally! Much months later, I fought against my laziness and I'm posting a few more drawings. As the post title says, these drafts were made in 2009, more exactly on March, during my vacations. Some features were clearly preserved since those oldest drawings, as you can see.

  Shit, that japanese girl again. These huge cocks love her.
      Think I had imagined this other girl with a red hair, but never put colors on the drawing.

 Talking about colors, this is a partially coloured version of the first pic. Colorization started in 2011 and it isn't finished yet... Anyway, that's the first image with colors I post here!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First drafts

Like I've said on the first post, my intention is publish each step of the drawings completion. That's why the images below are evidently unfinished and without corrections (except for contrast). These are the oldest porn drawings I still have, and were made probably between the years of 2002 and 2004. Yes, there's a lot of influence from the hentai imaginary. And yes, I usually write too much. Going to the pics:

Collegial style japanese girl...

...getting more and more company.

Swallowing hard...

...and receiving more bukkake.

The semen spreads all over her body.

That same poor japanese girl, now surprised by giant and fully loaded phalluses ...

Wait... had I said giant and fully loaded?
Lastly, she is enclosed by many dicks. And take bukkake!